Video Stabilisation at 10x Zoom – anyone else noticed or can reproduce a “wobble effect”?

With my previous phones (S7 and S9+), I found video stabilisation did more harm than good. With the S21 Ultra, it actually does a very good job stabilising video when moving.

However, I’ve disabled video stabilisation by default even on the S21 Ultra now. I rarely record video while moving, so there isn’t much benefit in my context, and there can actually be a lot of "harm". One example of this is when recording video with the 10x zoom lens – I’ve noticed significant "wobble" effect when switching to this lens. It’s hard to describe, but it’s as if the whole picture/video is "wobbling" and distorting when using this lens. This only occurs when video stabilisation is enabled and only with the 10x Zoom lens (I think I may have noticed it on the 3x Zoom lens a few months ago too). When disabled, this issue goes away.

Can anyone else reproduce this? You may need to test in different lighting conditions – I find it’s most noticeable with outdoor lighting. A separate issue is what I would describe as "micro-jitters" appearing when video stabilisation is enabled.

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