Video stops recording

I’m not sure if I have an android probelm or Samsung S20FE problem
I have been recording videos on my phone for a couple of years now with no problems.
Now, the video recording cuts out after a period of time, and it has never done this before.
The video sizes have taken on a new denomination: UHD60, UHD30, FHD60, FHD30, UD30. These are not the names I remember them having in the past, altho I can’t be sure because I never had to worry about them. However, FHD30 cuts out at 5 minutes, and UD30 cuts out at 5:38 or so. The higher resolutions somewhat less.
Is it possible to prevent this? Does anybody know what has changed.
I have cleared cache and data, rebooted in Safe, cleared cache and data again, rebooted, but still the same problem. Also have stopped recording to SD card and now record to internal storage, didn’t help.
I have seen quite a few people mentioning this problem in the past, but no solutions. Some people have reset to factory settings, but they haven’t reported back whether the problem is fixed, so I’m reluctant to go to this trouble.

Any help appreciated

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