Video/Youtube Lag/Out of Sync

Video Lag/Out of Sync – First it pauses for 2 sec then resumes but the video is out of sync with the audio. What’s going on?

This happens on all videos online, from Youtube to videos on Reddit.

Here’s what I’ve done to try to solve this. All failed.

1. Turn off / Turn back on. Restart.

2. Used apps to clean phone. Boost.

3. Uninstalled a bunch of apps, files.

4. Cleaned cached of all apps.

5. Used CCCleaner Pro (Paid)

6. Uninstalled, Reinstalled Youtube, cleaned cached.

7. Made sure I have a lot of space. (Over 50% available)

8. Used Safe Mode (fixed the problem, problem gone) so…

9. I did the following reset:

–Reset All Settings

–Reset Network Settings

–Reset Accessibility Settings

(But I did not do a Factory Data Reset)

10. Made sure I got great data, WIFI signal.

All of the above failed. Problem persists. What’s going on? It’s very annoying. Videos are out of sync with their audio.

My phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 10. I am from Canada.

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