Want to get a 2TB SSD on my phone.

I got a cheep spinning type 2TB hard drive to test if can get this working.

Got a phone with USB-C and it can see the hard drive till I unplug it or reboot. Then I put the USB-C with power and a USB 3.0 port on it and it just don’t see the hard drive again.

I got 4 types and the 1st time it sees the hard drive. I don’t want to buy any more OTG cables.

Seems like it only sees the hard drive the 1st time use a OTG cable and next time it don’t see it.

If can get this working I can put my hole WordPress site on it. Using KSWEB I got a little over 1TB of Date so it be neat to just have all my WordPress on my phone it’s a "moto g power (2021) cellphone.

-Raymond Day

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