Warning! A52 5G does NOT have dual sim functionality at this time

Hello. I’m posting this today (2021/05/22) to warn other folks looking at the Samsung A52 5G for a dual-sim phone to not make the same mistake I did. After purchasing the phone and taking to the AT&T store to get the new 5G sims, we could not get the 2nd sim to work. After about an hour of trying things, we found the following text in VERY small type on the bottom of the box:

This device hardware can support SIM+ microSD or dual SIM, however dual SIM functionality will not be available at launch. A software upgrade will be required for dual SIM functionality. For more information about dual SIM support, check www.samsung.com.

There is NOTHING on samsung.com about this. The listed phone specs just show that it’s dual sim, and no footnote that this functionality is not available right now, and/or when the software update will ship.

I contacted Samsung support by both phone and messenger, and they have no information about when this software update will be available.

Harry Z

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