Web browser open after screen unlock

Note 20, Verizon , Andriod Ver 11,

Whenever I unlock my screen the web browser will be open. It will be on random pages that I have never visited. It will include things like McAfee virus alert has detected that my phone is invective and I need to click button to clean, but I don’t have McAfee loaded on phone. To Erectile Disfunction can be cured ads or Hollywood news updates.

I have cleared my cache several times, I have started deleting apps from the newest to the oldest. I have powered off the phone. Nothing I do will stop it. I know better than to click on one of the pages or buttons in ads, I just close them and move on but it has become annoying because it is there most of the time when I unlock the phone.

Any ideas of how to resolve other than what I have done? Is there a good app that I can use to clean up and protect the phone? Maybe an app that will detect the issue and kill it.


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