WEIRD behaviour: Facebook has access to internet, not the Android System nor most other Applicatios


First, i am not a native English Speaker, I post there because this Forum is much more active than my own language’s, I apologise in advance for incorrect grammar and wording

I ask for help about my Smartphone ( Xperia X F5121 ) as it is working WEIRDLY about its OWN access to internet ( through its own 4G sim card connection )

– the sim card is fine, it gives a good self internet access in other Smartphone

– the phone and its applications work fine when internet connection is shared from an other phone ( using that same simcard )

– the phone + simcard combo can provide full internet access through shared connection to other devices

– the combo Phone + Simcard stopped working fine in "Self internet access mode" a while ago : most application no longer have access to internet, including the Android System itself, Google Chrome, Mails applications, GooglePlay….
BUT Facebook works ( notification + browsing ), and Kindle partially works ( it can download books it already knows i own, but don’t realise that i have bought new ones, and doesn’t allow me to browse for new ones )

So i have to use a second phone ( + my simcard ) to share internet connection to my own phone so that i can use its application.

I have used this to upgrade most application and Android ( up to 8.0 ), but the problem is still there

i have resetted the network parameters ( on Android ), no effect

Do you have any idea how to fix it ?

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