Weird Google Messages Quirk Related to Pixel 5a

I recently replaced my Pixel 2XL with a Pixel 5a. I use custom notification sounds for my most frequent contacts so when I get a text from them I get a unique notification sound to identify them without looking at my phone.

Once I’m in a conversation with someone the subsequent texts to me would activate the default text notification sound. This was perfect for me as I had previously been using Verizon Messages+ and it did not give subsequent sound notifications of any kind when inside a conversation.

But now with my 5a, using Google Messages, I no longer get the default text notification sound when I’m inside a conversation with someone. I get no sound event at all. So, if watching TV and the texting conversation is ongoing but slowing down, it’s possible to get a text and unless you’re actually looking at the phone you could be unaware you’ve received a text.

I contacted Google Support via chat and they told me this feature is not yet available on the 5a, but will be in a future update. Naturally, I asked when the next update would be pushed and the answer was they didn’t know but should be soon. So put me in the camp of people that are disappointed there are no updates for the 5a.

I was invited to send feedback to Google regarding this issue, which I did.

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