Weird phone behavior…… Hacked?

So I’m on my phone and then hang up a phone call, and then try to bring up Google. The screen won’t respond. Can’t get anything to work.
I then try to power off, and I can’t. Powering off makes the screen sort of look like its having a seizure. It refuses to reset or turn off.
Then, to my amazement, my screen goes and actually selects Settings—> Wifi—-> Connect to local WiFi network.
I already have internet on my phone, so I don’t need to do that. I hit the back out button, and that works, so I back out to the main screen.
It promptly again selects Settings–> Wifi—> Connect to Local WiFi Network

I back out, and it repeats going in about 8 times. I’m literally fighting a tug of war with my phone. At one point it finally puts a local WiFi network in the selection box, and sits there with my cursor on ‘Password", as if saying, "Go ahead…. enter the password"

Is this some kind of creepy AI, or was I being hacked? And if your phone is hacked remotely, will it necessarily actually display on the screen whatever the person is going into? I’m not sure why such a blatantly obvious phone hacking would be necessary or even useful.

I’ve had some few issues happen before where I had my Motorola Moto-G in my pocket, took it out and clicked it ON, and some notepad note was open- as if someone were looking at my notes. Or something else would be up on the screen. But of course, no one had the phone but me and it was in my pocket.
Has this ever happened to anyone? In that case I thought maybe with it bouncing around in your pocket, it might have just butt dialed something.
But I’ve never seen the screen actually move and select items like that, while I was literally holding the phone and looking at it.
Anybody else ever see this happen?

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