What about no camera on the inside screen

The more I think about this, the more I start thinking the camera on the inside screen is really a waste.

There’s a a camera on the back for the high quality pictures we want to take. There’s a camera on the front screen that we can use for those great Facebook selfies we, not I, need and conference calls. Do we really need a camera on the inside screen? Before answering that…

Think about this…if there was no camera on the inside screen, there would be room for a SD card. There would be room for a 3.5 aux jack. I know some think the SD card is dead, but it isn’t for everyone. The 3.5 jack is dying, but again not for everyone. I just think we really don’t need 3 cameras on the phone, I’m counting the back as 1 camera. We can have a true inside screen with no holes, although the under screen camera does a good job hiding it. And there would be room for a SD card that is still a desired option for a lot of people. I personally think Samsung could use that real estate for better things then 3 cameras. Thoughts???

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