What are you looking forward to with this new version of Wear OS-Tizen?

One gripe I’ve had with Tizen is the lack of alternative messaging app support. I prefer Google Messages over Samsung’s stock app, so I’m excited to have a native app on the watch to see message inbox and go back later to reply to a message I cleared.

I’m also looking forward to having more watchfaces that display phone battery percentage. I know it’s possible with Tizen, but this requires a separate app to be installed on your phone and there aren’t many options. I find this function useful when my phone is on the charger and I can see where it’s at and go retrieve when it reaches whatever level I need.

I’m also hoping to see Google’s voice to text, as it has far better accuracy than Bixby. Honestly, that’s the only thing I would use Google Assistant for anyways. I do have a bootleg version of GA on my current OG Galaxy Watch, but it required going through a lot of steps to get it installed and working.

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