What case are you getting for your Pixel 6?

I ended up choosing the Pixel 6 case from Google. I had a $10 coupon from Best Buy, so it brought it close to the prices for other cases I was considering ($20). They only had Stormy Sky, but I just noticed they have an open box of the Light Rain, so I’ve ordered that, and will return the Stormy Sky when it arrives.

It fits very nicely, provides a good protection for the edge of the screen. It’s a much better grip for me. The glass felt so slippery to me, made me very nervous for the 3 days I went naked. [emoji1787]

Wireless charging works fine with the case on, and the buttons work fine, too. I like that there’s a lip on the top and bottom edges of the camera block to protect it. All in all, a good case!

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