What exactly do I need to replace for non-functional screen on S10e?

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Dropped my phone into the lake with water damage. Brought it into repair shop. They said they cleaned out the water damage but then said power button needed to be replaced. Note that the battery was accepting the charge with a display on the screen indicating % charging before I brought it in after 3 days of drying it out.

When they tried to replace the power button they had issues and needed to remove the screen – they also forced the power button out by yanking it out. I got my phone back with an empty slot and no power button and they said they broke my screen trying to remove it to install the power button??? I didn’t want to spend $400 for replacing the new screen. So now I am worse than when I first started: now without a screen showing me a % charge and no power button hardware. I feel a little cheated.

What should I do? What can be done? And how much will this cost me?


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