What if….it’s a marketing strategy…Note versus S..and the fold

Good morning all!

N21U 512 unlocked owner, user here, on Verizon.

Reading up on the next note…the 21…speculations on canceling the note 21.

In thinking about it from a pure revenue, marketing strategy…what if the note 21 dies…..it didn’t say the note 21 ultra dies….

I’m purely speculating here…..the new S21 Ultra with pen functionality joins the N21U with integral pen and expansion memory slot as a high end power user, business consumer segment……the S21 stays as is and becomes the non power user consumer segment.

Add in the fold into this mix…they segregate higher end specs and a premium price point fir business use from more budget conscious consumers with fewer specs.

It’s a large marketing shift for sure….

Break into small groups and discuss… I’m verklempt

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