What is Android/.obj/.um/sysid.dat?

Back when I was using an old Android 7 I found a new folder beside the 3 usual folders in Android directory. Data, obb and media
Then there was a 4th one called .obj when opened it had another folder called .um then a file "sysid.dat" I went with it thinking it was a system related file
But today I was curious about what it really was so I searched

All AVs apps and online checkers had 0% malware red flags and nothing was detected

But according to users on different forums it is some kind of spyware that you get by downloading shady apps from unkown sources

But for my case
I got it right after updating to android 7

The file however never had any negative effects on my phone and its last modification was on 2020-1-8

But I am still really paranoid about my old phone having hidden malware through my 3 years of use because I copied everything to my new phone and fear it might have also caught that spyware because of that

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