What is up with the Stylo6?!

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I dealt with it’s lack of options for such a high end phone, like lacking dual screen, but I’m sick of the problems this phone has.

I don’t know if it’s the phone or the OS; but now I can’t connect my phone to any of my computers. All it does it charge. Yes I have dev options enabled and yes usb debugging is active. I tried all the usb ports. I’m using the cable the phone came with.

It won’t give me the option to to do anything other than charge the phone. I can even change it in the dev options, it won’t let the menu stay open. Only thing I can think of is trying to remove the two system updates, if it’s possible.

I’ll probably never get another LG after this one, if they continue this crap. Only thing good about this phone is the size and surround sound. It won’t even charge with the brick it came with. For about two weeks I had to keep swapping cables, bricks and car chargers to charge it. Now it doesn’t even connect to a computer.


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