What LTE Tablet that can send music with LDAC or LHDC codec?

Finally I want to try to go wireless with my music (512 GB microSD card). At least partly. I do not want to have another Bluetooth headphone (I have some on ear and IEMs) but this time I want to try a Bluetooth receiver to feed my wired IEMs or over ear headphones. My favourite so far is the Shanling UP4 as it has a dedicated volume wheel and supports better Bluetooth codecs als LDAC and LHDC / HWA.

I read a few times that since Android 8.0 every device has LDAC support and some even LHDC. No, this is not true, at least for me:
Neither my Huawei Mate 10 that was billed as the first to support LHDC does offer this for me nor my Samsung tablet S6 which only has SBC! (I enabled developer options on all my Android devices.) The best device I have regarding Bluetooth is my newly bought backup smartphone, a super cheap Xiaomi Poco M3: This has every better codec activated, aptX HD, LDAC and LHDC. But I like to have a nice "big" screen of 10 inch or so for decent album art and therefore I am searching for a tablet with LTE as the only device to take on a ride to the park (I have a multi SIM contract).

Is there a decent modern tablet (that supports 512 GB microSD cards ) that actually supports these codecs? (Perhaps the Huawei MediaPad M5? The faster Huawei MatePad Pro has LHDC but accepts only the proprietary smaller NM cards)

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