What next?

Apparently any phone manufacturer which makes devices I like gets out of the business – I’m three for three with Treo, HTC and now LG lol

My v40 is chugging along after an insurance replacement last year (I broke the screen), but I had planned an upgrade for this year anyway.

I have tended towards flagships for their cameras and their usually larger size, but I’m open to other options that have what I need, given that yesterday’s flagship is today’s mid range.
Samsung seems the obvious move since I have an Active 2 watch, and I love the idea of a Note, but can’t deny I’ll miss the SD slot and headphone jack [emoji24].

Is the A series any good?Would it be better to go with a used note 10?

Speak to me, Samsungians, so I can figure out where to go next. I’m Tmo.

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