What reactions do you get to your phone

So far I’ve gotten:
‘What the heck is that on your desk? (at work) it looks like a big beeper’. And when I flip it open for them ‘O.M.G…is that a Razr?’

‘Is that one of the new foldable phones from Samsung? I’ve seen em on TV but not out in the wild.’ I actually shook this dudes hand for even knowing how to identify the device.

‘Is that a phone?’ I say ‘no’ but then open it for them and say ‘but now it is’. #jawdrop.

‘how cute’ ..well, Nothing cute about my phone. It’s wrapped in a manly leather case and can kick your cute phone’s a$$ any day, bubba.

So what are the reactions, ‘out in the wild’, to your new Zflip3?

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