What the Google User Research forum is all about!

Google User Research
Greetings – and welcome to the Google User Research Forum! I can already hear you saying ‘what is this forum anyway?’ Let me explain.

The Backstory
Google came to us a month or so ago, asking if our amazing community (YOU) would be willing to lend a hand with some of their studies. Of course, I immediately raised my hand and said ‘YES, we’d love to help!’

So – this is the fun part where you come in.

In this forum you will find out more about the Google User Research team, what it is they do, and how YOU can help. Google has an official account setup here under the username ‘Google User Research’. Look for them around here, and do @ them ( ) with your questions in this forum for prompt attention.

Their team will have questions for you, and often they will have surveys or other forms for you to fill out, all with the aim of making their products better for people like you.

That’s all there is to it. See the other stickies and threads in this forum for more details, we will be working hand-in-hand with Google on this to make it a huge win – with YOUR help of course!

Any questions – ask away, Google and I are both here!


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