What was THE reason you (finally) bought the Flip?

If I had to pick ONE reason why I got the Z Flip 3.

My order finally went through with Samsung after numerous attempts, their process is a PITA! What’s worst is they won’t tell you the reason why? Anyways, it was just my postal code format. lol

Now that I got that out :p

THE reason is Samsung Care+ is included. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is the first time Samsung is doing this right? If not, I guess I didn’t pay attention enough because IMO the display is too fragile. As I said in another thread I was really impressed with the improvements Samsung made. I was sold, I told my girl I’m buying this when we get home, (I got her the iPhone 12 Pro, so no complaints). 😀

The other bonuses helped. I got it in green (my favorite color).

My nephew helped with 10% off.
Free Galaxy Buds 2 and Wireless Charger Duo.
I got $200 for a liquid damaged Galaxy A70.

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