What’s your biggest SECOND impression about the Pixel 6/6 Pro?

What’s your most impactful SECOND impression about your Pixel 6/6P?

In other words, what is something you really complained about or praised at first that you now have a second impression about? EIther an improved or worse opinion.

Pick your one top issue.

FIRST IMPRESSION: The fingerprint sensor experience. The symbol wasn’t appearing every time, the screen would sometimes become non-responsive, and it wouldn’t recognize my fingerprint every time.

SECOND IMPRESSION: Reading this forum, I realized I needed to set all the animation scales back to 1.0 (default). After doing so, I always got the symbol to guide me to the right spot. After a few days of practice, I can nail it 95% of the time. Also realized it takes a beat to unlock the phone but it’s okay.

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