Where can I find a downloaded file that has a title beginning with a period?

I recently downloaded a video file from a website onto my Galaxy S5. Since the title of the file was too long, I retitled it before downloading. However, I accidentally added a period or dot to the beginning of the tile (I titled it ".360.mp4"). The issue is that because my phone apparently doesn’t recognize a download that has a title that starts with a period, it doesn’t show up in my download folder, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere on my phone. I know it downloaded because it shows up in my download history, and I can even click on the entry there to play the video on my media player, but I can’t find it to move to an SD card. At this point I’d just like to delete it altogether so it doesn’t clutter up my phone, but I can’t even find it to do that. Does anyone know how to locate something like this?

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