Where have my folders disappeared to from internal storage on my tablet? Android 6.0.1

Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Hi all,

I use my older tablet only for reading. I have a bunch of ebooks on there and they are (well, should be…) stored in the internal storage, in a folder I made called "eBooks".

The books are still readable on my tablet, but I just went to put a new book on there and the folder has vanished… Any idea why this has happened and where it’s gone? I’ve tried showing any hidden items, but that didn’t work. I have no idea what’s happened. It should just be there…

When I look on my eBook viewer, it shows the folder called "eBooks" in the folder structure (like when I’m trying to add a new book to the library from storage) but when I plug the tablet into my PC with a usb cable (same way I’ve always done) the folder is missing.



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