Where to download safe versions of older Android apps (apk)

I am increasingly tired of the newer versions of a particular Google app that is – amongst others – used for viewing ‘small clips’ of all kinds of content (***cough cough***).

So my intent is to install an older version of said app without all the nuisances that have been added to it throughout time.

With regard to the aforementioned, I have googled and found the following link with lots of suggestions and links to websites which offer downloads of those versions.

stackexchange /questions/14910/where-can-find-older-versions-of-apps

My question for one is if anyone here knows those sites/links and can vouch for them as being legit sites (as in no malware or other garbage in those downloadable apks).

For the other…, can people here recommend similar legit sites that one can trust and that they have been using before for the very same purpose without any issues?

I am looking forward to any input no matter big or small.

Thanks in advance.

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