Which is the best app lock for android phones?

Looking for the best app lock for android phones?

Since there are many app lock apps on the google play store, it is hard to find a real & useful app lock in the market that actually locks your app.

It was hard for me too, but one day I *came across this Awesome app lock app named (AppLock Fingerprint Hide Photo.
) as its name *suggests this app lock comes with several useful functions
Some of these are listed below.

(AppLock Fingerprint Hide Photo) features:-

Lock any app of your choice with its quick app locking function.
App_screenshot_app lock (1).jpg

This app comes with super easy-to-use *app lock functionality. You can use this app lock function to lock your important social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc. This app is fully capable of locking default apps on your device such as your phone book, message app, gallery & file manager. I personally like its app lock function. It is really helpful actually, to be honest, this app locking feature of this app works better than my default app lock function inside the app

Hide your Images Videos & Audios with its Data Hide function.

There is one other feature of this app that I found useful & that is its data hiding feature. It allows us to hide our personal media data, such as *Images, Videos & Audio in a much more secure password-protected safe space inside the app. I have used this function so many times and it works really well.

Share files quickly with your family & friends with its File Sharing feature

You can easily share any file such as Audio, videos & apps, etc. You just have to go to the file-sharing page of the app by clicking on the file transfer icon from the home screen. But both devices must have this app installed to use this feature;

It also has some other high-value features such as Junk Cleaner, Battery Booster, phone optimizer & app manager.

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