Whitestone Dome Glass for S21 Ultra – Love it :)

Whitestone Dome Glass [Review]

I am so happy with the Whitestone Dome glass, i thought i will spend some time and write a small review, in case someone is having hard time to decide which screen protector they should buy.
After using a few different screen protectors for Galaxy S21 Ultra, here is my feedback and review.
I first ordered one of the cheap 3 pack film with guides available on Amazon. I cannot recollect the name though. The application process was okay. There was a fair amount of effort required to smooth out the bubbles. Initially it looked good, but these ones collect a lot and lot of fingerprint snudges almost immediately. The touch is a bit rubbery and no where near as smooth as glass. I am a guy with screen OCD so I could not really stand this. The good part was the FPS reader worked flawlessly.
I knew I had to get the glass screen protector, so I ordered the expensive Spigen Glas TR screen protector that comes with the UV light. The packaging looked premium and I knew I did not have to look any further. As soon as started the installation, I felt the jig would turn ON my phone by a gentle press on the side and had difficulty turning OFF my phone. Also, after placing the screen protector is saw that the glue started to stick on the screen protector even before I pulled out the lever. But eventually the glue made it to all the ends. The instructions were not clear and the weight placement that came in doesn’t have an exact spot to keep (comparing it with Whitestone). The curing went well, and the fingerprints needed not to be registered initially. After couple of hours, the fingerprints started failing and I had to re-register. No matter what i do, it took me minutes to register just one set of fingerprint scans. After that, it was all hit and miss with unlocking. The best part was, removing the screen protector was easy 😀
I was thinking about going with the cheaper alternative i.e AM Film, but I realized both AM Film and Spigen copied this concept from Whitestone Dome Glass. As they have been doing this for years, I took the plunge and ordered Whitestone. They had some really good deals to include the S-Cushion (I haven’t used it yet but feels very soft) and the camera lens protector. This arrived in 4-5 days and I was set to install it. In anticipation, I had watched a few YouTube videos to make sure the installation goes well.
To be honest, the installation was simple. Though it has a few more steps, but the automated process almost guarantees the perfection of the application. I have it on my S21 Ultra and everything is so good about it. No fingerprint smudges, no imperfections, easy with almost any case that I have (I have tried it with Later Case, Samsung official Leather & Silicon case, Ringke Matte back finish case). Also, the fingerprints were not needed to be registered again and it works flawlessly 😊
Here are a few steps to make the installation process simpler if anyone interested:

  • Cover your volume buttons, mic, speaker and charger port etc. on the side with the black stickers;
  • Clean the phone with Alcohol swab;
  • Turn the white twisting key on top left of the jig till you can turn it no more. Make sure the blue lock on the top blocks the red tray of the jig to move out;
  • Remove the speaker grill sticker from the top portion of the Jig;
  • Place it into the jig. Press firmly from behind until you hear the click (try not to touch the screen). Press the black sticker firmly on top of the speaker;
  • Use the dust removal sticker to remove the dust if you see any;
  • Keep the blue bar in the center. Open the pink cap of the glue tube and fix it to the hole in the blue bar. Now turn open the black cap for the glue to fall out. Give it a minute at least for all the glue to come out. Put the black cap again so that the remaining glue falls out as well. Now gently remove the glue tube and the blue bar together. Make sure the glue is in the center of the phone, right where the bar was. Adjust the phone level gently to move the glue to the center if needed. Place a small pad or something beneath the jig to adjust that level;
  • Now remove the film from the back of the screen protector and hold it from the sides. Ensure you don’t touch the back of the screen protector. Place it gently over the phone. Now place the guide bar (weight) gently on top of the screen protector. Make sure the bottom of the guide bar aligns with the slots in the jig;
  • Now, you are all see to see the magic – move aside the blue lock (push it up) for the red tray of the jig to move out. Make sure nothing is near the jig to block the red tray. Give it a minute or two after the red tray is out for the glue to spread properly;
  • Once you see the glue is evenly spread, you can start the curing process with the UV light;
  • Begin with 15 seconds on top and then 15 seconds at the bottom portion;
  • Remove the phone from the jig and wipe the excessive glue on the sides with the cloth; You can also remove the black stickers now;
  • Whitestone recommends curing with UV light for 60 seconds on top and 60 seconds on bottom, but since the phone is big, I cured it for additional 60 seconds at the center;
  • Test your fingerprints. If needed, remove the old set and re-register a new one.

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