Whitestone issue

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
So I religiously have used White Stone dome protectors on my last like four phones. Never had an issue with them they always protected my phone great customer service was on par. I’m noticing all that has gone downhill with this particular phone. Thankfully when I got my protectors they weren’t cracked. So I installed the first one just fine and after about three weeks or so I noticed it was cracked probably because of my keys in my pocket. So I installed my second one and try to file a warranty but the second one has been on for not even a week and it has hairline cracks spidering through. So yeah I’m starting to doubt these batches of glass because I’ve never had them crack this easily. And customer service is pretty much non-existent to get any replacements. But I’m curious now I have more of the glue the whole setup couldn’t I use a different glass screen protector with their glue? Bc I personally noticed when I tried a copy cat brand the glass was fine, it was the glue that seemed crappy


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