Why are my contacts not transferring?

Moved to a fold 3 from a 12 pro max. All my important numbers are not transferring over through the built in data transfer. Not thrilled with this. All my work contacts, all my best friends, my partner. All their numbers are not transferring. I have not erased my iPhone yet but I need this to work. It’s to many to enter manually. This transfer is also only at 7% after several hours. I’ve never had a transfer take this long with apple. I. Losing faith if this very simple things are already causing issues for my needs.

Any help would be appreciated. I don’t want to give up. Not yet.

How do I get my contacts all over? It’s transferring straight from my icloud, I’m also logged into my email accounts that also have my contacts synced. And still missing over half my contacts. I just don’t understand.

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