Why are my files duplicating?

Hi. I’m posting this as it’s a question I had and couldn’t find a solution via Google. I have found the answer to my question and hope that it helps others with the same problem. Also it would be nice to know if any of you also experienced the same and how you dealt with it.

I had this problem with my P20 pro where everytime I opened a pdf file in my ‘files’ app, it would open a default program Adobe Fill & Sign. After that, there’d be 2 of the same file in my ‘files’ app. I would have to go to the optimiser, cleanup and manually delete duplicate files everytime I’d see them.

Today, almost 2years later, I decided to try another app as my default pdf opener, I downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader from the app store. Viola my problems are solved. I deleted the Fill & Sign app and am much happier.

Have any of you had a similar problem? Would like to know.

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