Why are notifications implemented in the worst way possible?

Okay, so why when I get a notification on my phone (Pixel 4a, but also on every Android phone I have ever owned) it shows up on my lock screen for about a second, just long enough for me to attempt to pick up my phone to try and read it, , but not long enough to actually read it? This seems pretty useless to me, if they don’t want you to read the notification without searching for it through the notification drop-down area, then just make a notification sound and be done with it?

Why can’t I adjust the lock screen notification to stay up 5 or 10 seconds so I can actually see what it is and decide if it’s important enough to open my phone and go searching through the notification drop-down (another ‘feature’ that seems to have been designed as a side-project of an infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters attempting to randomly bring the works of Shakespeare into existence) and deal with it?

Or maybe there is a way to adjust how notifications work so they are not so damn annoying and time-wasting and I’m just a moron who hasn’t figured it out yet?

Anyone have any hints or suggestions?

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