Why call drops when it has been forwarded?

I have 3 phones. The first 1 has my formal number. I have a telephonic interview in 5 hours. But the phone has a problem. So I figured I should just forward the calls to Phone2 which doesn’t have any issues.

I set it using the settings method. And then I test it by calling phone 1 on my 3rd phone, in hopes that it would forward to my 2nd phone. But that doesn’t happen.

It shows "ringing" and then a little pop up says "calls forwarded unconditionally" and then the call drops. I’m so confused because I once used the forward feature before and it worked. I’ve tried calling from another person’s phone, same result. It just drops after showing that the calls are forwarded.

Phone 1 is an android 5.1. It is a South African brand

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