Why can I not view my videos and photos in my gallery and I never deleted them on my HTC Evo 4G LTE

Back in 2010 that was my first smartphone I really loved it when my wife was having our little girl I made sure I took a video a couple of them of her giving birth to her without seeing the wrong thing because I just showed doctor’s backs then got her out and holding her up and then put her in her crib and clean her up and wrapped her in a blanket my daughter just turned 11 years old this is when I wanted to show her I’ve had the phone stored in my drawer in the same house since then for 11 years now so I turn it on now and I go to gallery and it says no photos or videos available I must retrieve these and show My Little girl her first day of breath I had this planned for 11 days it’s really wrecking me can somebody please help me please please

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