Why can’t I save photos received via MMS through my Facebook Messenger app?

I use Messenger as my default messaging app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. This means I receive, not only Facebook messages, but also SMS and MMS via the app.
When I am sent photos on Messenger (not via MMS) u can save the photos by either A) long pressing the photo and selecting "Save Image" or B) opening the photo and using the " More" menu on the bottom left then selecting " Save. "
However, when I am sent photos via MMS (same photo from the same contact, etc.) I receive a "Couldn’t Save Image" error using both of the methods described above.
I have tried everything I know of; forced close the app, cleared cache AND data for the app and uninstalled and reinstalled the app all with no success.

Messenger seems to be the only app that has this issue. I have tested the native messaging app, Google Messages app, Textra messages, Chomp SMS and Pulse SMS apps which all save images without issue.

This has become extremely frustrating. Most contacts have Facebook accou ts so it’s easy for me to explain my issue and ask them to re-send the images via messenger. However, there are some older family members who do not have Facebook and, often times, send priceless old photos which I can’t save due to this glitch, for lack of better words.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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