Why do I have to call a Phone # to check my phone messages ?

So often people will leave me voice messages due to the fact I didn’t answer the phone, all normal here. Okay so on my old Galaxy S9 the messages were on my phone I was listening to them from my phone without the need to call a phone number. Well that’s not happening with my new phone the Pixel 4A I have to call a phone number to get to listen to my messages and delete them as needed. The service if you want to call it that works fine, it’s been like that since I got the phone but I wish it was like Galaxy where I didn’t have to call number.

On a side note when I go to the voicemail section in the phone app it says "can’t update visual voicemail" not sure if that has anything to do with my problem, even when I click the try again nothing happens.

By the way I’m using the latest android OS update and I’m using the stock phone app also which the voicemail is par of that.

Anybody who has the same phone and using the stock phone app do you also have to call a number to get to listen to your messages ?

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