Why do my delivery receipt pop-ups have someone elses name on them?

Galaxy A21 Pop-up receipt reads delivered to someone other than whom I sent the text but appears as sent correctly.
If I can manage to catch the Pop-ups (because it disappears after a few seconds), it brings me to that the other persons text history with me at certain times/dates.
There are 4 of us seaming to have a corresponding receipt to another person that it sticks to ex. Notes to myself pop-up reading that it was delivered to Joe, my texts to Joe reads that they go to Jane etc.
I’ve known these people for years and they don’t know each other as far as I am aware of.
I called my carrier VERY concerned about this because of where the receipts brought me to in the corresponding text and it was fixed for about a week.
Now its the same thing, but with a 6-12 hour delay.
What is going on and how do I fix it?

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