Why do my headphones make a horrible noise?

Hi All,

I’m having trouble with using headphones on my Samsung Galaxy s10. Sometimes without sound even playing, there will be a beeping/screeching (almost feedback-like) noise emitted all of a sudden. If I unplug the headphones, the noise stops. If I plug them back in straight away it will start back up.
Sometimes if I wait a little while and plug them back in, they will work again with no noise.

I bought the phone new a couple of years ago. It’s possible that it incurred damage being dropped but I have had it checked and the audio jack has been replaced today (of course, they couldn’t get the noise to occur when looking at it), but tonight the screeching/beeping noise is back 🙁

I’m running Android version 11 and system is up to date. I haven’t modified the device software or customised it.

I’ve tried troubleshooting, tried cleaning the audio jack before having it replaced, tried different headphones, restarted, etc. Tonight I have restarted in safe mode to see if it’s caused by an installed app and so far I haven’t heard the noise, so it’s possible it’s an app, but how do I determine which app might be causing it?? I haven’t noticed it starting straight after a new app being installed.

If anyone could help it would be appreciated – I use my headphones all the time to keep me focused in a loud work environment, so I’m at my wit’s end as I get anxious now plugging headphones in. The noise is that loud and sudden when it happens 🙁


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