Why does a qr code try to open every time I unlock my phone?

So I’ve had a new galaxy s20 fe 5g with Android 11 for about a week. I loved it until yesterday. I scanned a qr code to activate my cash app card using the built in scanner on the camera app. Now every time I unlock my phone or open/close the camera app it tries to open the qr link. It also pops up at random times trying to open it. I’ve tried clearing the cache & data on the camera app and the Bixby vision app as well as disabling the qr code function in settings on both. I’ve uninstalled the updates for Bixby vision and all Bixby apps and cleared data again (I hate Bixby anyway). When that didn’t work I tried a factory reset. I restored the samsung backup and google backup and the problem still persists.

I don’t know what else to do other than perhaps saving my files, texts, contacts, etc elsewhere and not restoring the backups after another factory reset. And then transferring the data back. I will still need to login to my accounts even if I don’t restore the backups. I don’t know if the problem will return if I just log in..

This is the first time I’ve ever had a phone problem I couldn’t solve with ten minutes googling the issue.
Please Help! Lol

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