Why does my APK not APK?

Hi, I’m a simple user in a third world country so it’s pretty easy to get things pirated in the internet, zero problem.

But recently, I have ran into a problem I have absolutely no idea how to fix, let me describe it.

Let’s say I’m just casually downloading an APK file for a mobile game for my Samsung Phone because I want an unlimited item in this game, let’s say gems, or maybe the pro features for an app, whatever. The point is, I want the premium version of it.

I go, search for it, download it and a few months ago, there was zero issue, just needed to find the page with the premium version, download it, open it and everything would be unlocked.

Now… That’s not the case. Because for almost every game or app that I download the premium APK for, it’s like downloading the original version of the game.

The file weights more, it says that has the "x" features unlocked, then I open it and it doesn’t work, there just isn’t anything unlocked.
I have tried EVERYTHING.
From 100 different pages, searching on webs, forums, different ways of downloading but nobody seems to have the same issue.

Please if anybody has absolutely any idea how to fix it, I will be eternally thankful.

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