Why Is A Hard Reset So Dangerous?

I have an old Android 5.1 which was fine for it’s age until I decided to do a factory reset out of stupidity. After the reset, I managed to update the Google Play Services but I can’t install or update anything else from Google Play Store because everything gets stuck at around 80% to 90% and never reaches 100% and an error keeps popping up which is "Google Play Services won’t run unless you update Google Play Services" even though that’s the first thing I did after resetting. So I tried factory resetting again but since my all of my apps are outdated and useless I am forced to update the Google Play Services and again my Google Play Store turns useless and I can’t update or install anything, I am stuck in a loop!
I suspect the latest version of Google Play Services, which is not working on my phone and I probably had a version that used to work nicely before the first reset. So is there any way to find a version that’ll work nicely on my phone??? If the issue is not the Google Play Version then what is??

Note that I already tried troubleshooting methods like rebooting, removing and re-ading Google account, uninstalling updates and reinstalling updates, clearing data and cache of Google Play Services/Download Manager/Google Play Store.

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