Why is my facebook messenger volume so loud?

Earlier today I connected my Bluetooth headset to my phone to listen to music. Idk what happened but all of sudden my music wasn’t playing, the headset turned off. Though maybe the battery was low turned it back on and it said 100%, okay. While I was walking and I was texting in the messenger app, the music would cut out when I sent a message or when the app was open and you hear the other person testing back. Wth right, so I tried to play around with the volume settings. Nothing. I restarted my phone thinking the headset made a funny adjust to my phone that was glitched. Still did the loud annoying pop noise when I sent messages. Like unusually loud. I tried to get a mobility kiosk to try and help and they didn’t know, they suggest I Uninstall the app and reinstall it which I did but still did the same thing.

I have a note 10 plus, and the headset I used was a jbl tune.

Sorry for my lack of tech knowledge so please don’t be condescending about it.

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