Why Is My Phone Not Detecting My Micro SD Card

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Hi good people:
My Samsung Galaxy grand prime plus phone is not detecting micro SD Cards.
When I insert a card in to the phone, it doesn’t show up. When I check the storage menu, I don’t find it there. When i check under lock and security, and I get to encrypt SD Card, I am told that no SD Card inserted.
I honestly don’t understand what the problem is, because the SD Card can be detected and it shows up on my computer. It is working very well, and has been formatted to the FAT32.
I’ve tried updating the USB driver under mass storage device, but I am always told that the driver is working properly. When I get to the update driver option, there is no update.
Please does anyone understand what this problem is all about. This is the second Micro SD Card I am trying out, and I’m getting the same results.
I’ve run out of storage space on my phone, and I am simply helpless.
The phone is Samsung SMG532.
Thanking you in advance for your anticipated assistance in solving this problem.


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