Why is my S20 phone doing update after update?

I have have had this phone for about a year. It’s been working fine, and had the latest updates.

Yesterday (6/5/21) it prompted me for an update to system 8 – I was sure it was well beyond 8 already, but I said yes anyway. Then an hour later it asked to update to version 9. I said OK, thinking that is weird – it should already have the latest update. Today, it asked me to update to version 10, and now it’s updating to version 12 (which is probably where it started 2 days ago, but I don’t know for sure – I have automatic updates turned on, and typically don’t pay much attention other than saying OK when prompted).

Seriously – why did it go back in time to update to versions that I am sure it was already newer than? This is a Samsung Galaxy S20 – was system 8 even ever available on an S20?

I read somewhere that there was a June firmware update – could it be that this update required going backwards to build back system?

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