Why is my stepfather’s passwords on my brother’s phone and could this be dangerous?

Hi, so a couple of days ago my brother got a notification saying some passwords were breached in Google. When he went to fix it, there were passwords from our stepfather [who is Director of Enterprise Architecture of IT] who we have had zero contact from for over 2 years except for court. In April, my mom, brother, and I went to my mom’s and stepfather’s house to retrieve some things and my brother connected to the wifi momentarily. Someone has already hacked my mother’s gmail threw remote wifi. Our concern is that our stepfather [who is highly petty and just a horrible person] is in our wifi. There seems to be no signs of login history on my brother’s account. Also, the passwords are ONLY on my brother’s gmail account. If any other information is needed I am gladly comply. We are worried as bank stuff are some devices and we have no idea what could happen if the stepfather has compromised the wifi threw my brother’s gmail account. If it does not seem so, is there any measures we should take to make sure he doesn’t get in? Thank you for the help.

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