Why is network motoring software not showing net stats

Update need on the apps page❗
Android 10 just took out the ability to monitor the traffic of inbound and outbound Sites (ip#’s)
Apps effected Landroid ,network log, watchdog3g and 3 others you’ve listed.
Ummm I paid for m"my phone and it’s services" and that all belongs to me it’s my history to view. Protect monitor or resolve
Network engineer that just had his review mirror wiped out and [language redacted by Mod] flung all over the front windshield of this network.
Driving blind ❗hold on everyone cause we can’t see what’s coming ������or what the [language redacted by Mod] we just hit.
How the [language redacted by Mod] can you monitor what can’t be seen? Or is that the purpose?
Mr IC.. an escaped microsoft lab tech from the 80’s

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