Why is the design of Android 12 so horrible?

The drop down menu now shows these giant tiles for Android 12. Why can’t we just choose to have the icons back instead and still move them around-since that was apparently the whole point. This is a terrible design choice. I personally hate the tile thing being huge with the text. Make it go away. I don’t need a giant white bar for the brightness either, the sun by itself was so much cleaner. And to top it off, it would be nice to pick the size of the icons on the display and the size of the font differently. I don’t need my font so large it can be read from space, but it would be nice to make the icons on the home screens larger than tiny points. The blockiness of this design is just super ugly. I’m going to have to download a bunch of third party widgets to make up for some of this horribleness, especially since several apps were outright deleted. Is there a way to get around some of the atrocious design updates? Any suggestions?

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