why my google assistant invite me to strange discord server?

One day my google assistant just decided to learn Latin so they invited me to Discord of r/latin. (Reddit) I asked this question to many places but all they said is that people who you add as friends on discord can invite you to any server they wanted.

the problem is I downloaded the app then left it there "I didn’t even log in to my discord account" (precisely because I forgot my password and don’t have the energy to go through the procedure yet.) so that answer isn’t related.

I almost forgot about the app then boom! one day there appeared a window inviting me to a Discord server named "Latin something"

I asked people on discord and they said that it’s because Google assistant decided to learn Latin and there are many people just as confused as me also end up there.

still why? can anyone explain this other way than Google assistant getting sentient or there are some hacker who want people to learn Latin.

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