Why my Infinix Hot 9 Play gone into bootloop?

Ok so i have an infinix hot 9 play and i accidentaly
pressed the power button like 3 times and suddenly the phone goes into bootloop i happened today and it happened before like 2 months ago but both times i successfully recovered the phone.
My phone was perfectly fine and i know the bootloop was not because of the phone problem that’s because of me pressing the power button 3 times but why did that happen?
Why does pressing the power button 3 times sending the phone to bootloop in my opinion it was because that it confuse the system that it send the phone into a bootloop but maybe you have a different answer?
have you encounter a bootloop like this before?
if you don’t believe me you can try it yourself but be warned that if your phone gone into a bootloop that i would not be responsible for it make sure that you know how to recover it.
ok i’m waiting for your answer.

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