Why my samsung Note 8 doesn’t show me 3rd party notifications anymore?

Hi there, I am Lewis from Miami. I have a Samsung galaxy note 8 and loaded with many applications. The latest security patch update has been installed on my mobile. after the update, I face some issues with my mobile, but I am not sure the issues are because of the update. I had googled but no answers regarding this issue.
My phone doesn’t show notifications from 3rd party apps like Netflix, telegram, amazon, etc… And the most frustrating part is I have my own taxi dispatch software running on my mobile. I need to assign cabs details to the passenger after I receive a notification. But I am getting no notifications anymore. Can anyone help me with how to solve this issue?
Or should I change my mobile rather than face a daily loss on by taxi business? Or is this because of this software? But I have been using it for the past 8 months.

My mobile: Samsung galaxy note 8
Network Provider: AT & T
Processor: Snapdragon
Android version: Android Pie
My Taxi App by: https://www.spotnrides.com/taxi-dispatch-software
Unable to receive notifications from Netflix, Amazon, Paytm, Most apps except Whatsapp.

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