Why my Samsung S9’s sim card and WiFi are not working.

I have a Samsung S9(SM-G960F/DS). Actually It was rooted via Magisk App. Every thing was working perfect, internet and Sim-cards, games etc. But when I tried to run my banking app, it said "Rooted devices not supported". I looked for unroot solutions on internet and most of people suggested to complete unroot via Magisk manager APP. I did this and my phone restarted after unroot. But since then, my simcard and internet are not working. Sim is completely disabled and WiFi is acting in a weird way. Wifi is connected but still "!" sign appears, secondly internet is working in a very weird way again. We can only search on google but cant open any site, similarly we can search video on youtube but cannot play any video, we can send and receive messages and pics on whatsapp but cant download voice notes. This is the issue I am facing. If any one can understand this situation and could provide some solutions then it will be really appreciated. I can explain further if someone’s willing to help. Thanks.

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